Easybears®: Our Story

At Easybears.com, our purpose to create and deliver the power of Authenticity. 


We ask ourselves a simple question, "Who am I?", and come up with numerous not-so-simple answers. No matter how many ideas we can add to the list, there are always distinctive statements that in no time at all, make us feel like "oh that's definitely me!". 

From that moment, we start to notice more about ourselves, on our hobbies as well as interests. We like to go camping or enjoy our day on the beach protecting sea turtles or spend time decorating our garden. Then some of us spend hours carving soap. Others love stone skipping (that means trying to make the stone bounce on the water as many times as possible!). Sounds pretty odd, isn't it? But that's what makes us who we are, and we feel proud of that. 

We have the urge to spread that spirit to more and more people with different interests like us, and Easybears was born. 

In today's world, it is getting more and more essential to have ourselves a little me-time when we don't have to care for anything else but to focus on our own needs and goals. Realizing this, we seek to create stunning and distinctive designs that directly capture our customers' attention as a perfect statement to their authenticity while still keeping the trendy, lively style. 

Let us confirm one small thing again: You are a uniquely beautiful soul, and we are here to give you the confidence to embrace your authentic self. So feel free to discover Easybears and find yourself the perfect outfit to show your charming personality! 


Love, Easybears Team