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"Be You. Do You. For You."

We constantly care, get inspired, and create our arts based on the idea of Authenticity. Your own uniqueness is an endless inspiration to us. We hope that you can be proud of yourself no matter what, and spread that spirit to everyone around you. 

We also collect different interesting perspectives about Authenticity to help us embrace who we are, so feel free to take off the mask of perfection, and join the journey of Authenticity with us. 

Easy Bears team welcomes you!


Develop Authenticity: Ways to Be a More Authentic Person

How do we take off the mask we've been wearing and start to live a life of authenticity?



SELF-LOVE CLUB: Stories From Women Who Have Learned To Love, Accept, and Embrace Themselves, No Matter What

“Have you ever gone through something in your life that was made a shit load easier when you found someone, ANYONE, who was going through the exact same thing as you?"

This book is a collaborative effort between Courtney St Croix, MOMFIDENT AF Media, and the Self-Love Club #AuthorSquad. We know you will see yourself in these pages, and there is nothing better than connecting with someone who just gets it.


What is a Raglan T-shirt? And what makes them so timeless?

Classic, cool, and clean: These are the hallmarks of the essential raglan sleeve t-shirt. This creative and rather nostalgic wardrobe staple has a long and interesting history that takes us from its wartime origins into a modern-day fashion statement.


Raglan... So Much More Than A Baseball T-Shirt - Rock the Raglan Revolution with Easybears

Here’s how a raglan-style t-shirt can really up your game, whether you’re dressing to impress or considering a shirt to print your artwork. Baseball season is only a few months, but the raglan shirt is always in style.


How to Wear Raglan Shirts: 15 Outfit Ideas for Women

To better show you how to style it, We have collected some of the best Raglan t-shirt outfit ideas. Let’s dive in.




What you choose to wear each day isn’t necessarily arbitrary; your clothes say a lot about your personality and it’s pretty fascinating. Here are seven different fashion styles decoded, along with some insights into what your choice of clothing says about you.

How to sew a raglan t-shirt: make your own DIY raglan tee sewing tutorial

Make your own DIY raglan tee with this sew a raglan tee tutorial.



Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Some people spend their entire lives traveling and experiencing new things. Some study and get themselves freaking busy at work. And some others crazily eat and then frantically lose weight.