Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes…

Some people spend their entire lives traveling and experiencing new things. Some study and get themselves freaking busy at work. And some others crazily eat and then frantically lose weight.

As women, we are usually obsessed with our weight because of the insecurity we have whenever someone judges us on how we look. “Your eyes are so small”, “Your hair is so messy”, “You look fat”, “What is your weight?”, etc.
We don't feel comfortable standing in front of the mirror. We quickly get upset when we think our clothes are starting to tighten. Then we gradually no longer take photos because we have body image issues and self-hating problems.

Do you feel that way about yourself?

Five women with different body types

I believe that every shape of the body needs to be appreciated. It's very essential to love your own body no matter what. To value your body despite its imperfections, feel confident, and accept the size and shape is what we need to focus on. And it's called “Body Positivity”.

What you might have taken for granted is that your body works hard every day to assist you in everything, including walking in the garden, talking with your beloved ones, thinking about happiness in life, and most importantly, breathing. Even when you sleep, the organs inside your body still keep everything in balance.

But here’s what we do to our bodies: we hate, insult, and compare our bodies to other women, especially celebrities. We try so hard to lose weight: cut down on carbs, skip meals, practice several extreme diets. We get stressed out and keep thinking we’re not good enough.

Why Women Are Always Concerned About Their Bodies?

Women are concerned about their appearances for many reasons

Statistically, it can be said that women are concerned about their appearances for many reasons:

  • First is the media's toxic propaganda on unattainable beauty standards. Seeing influencers and celebrities with perfect abs and glutes on-screen will lead women to reinforce negative messages about themselves: “My body can’t be like hers”.
  • Second, growing up in a household where the emphasis is placed on the appearance of particular ideal body size or shape. The criticism you receive from your relatives will cause negative effects on your mindset. Gradually, you lose interest in improving yourself.
  • Third, society's prejudice against women's bodies. Before the 19th century, women were always the subject to be looked down upon. We were told that our position in society is unnecessary, and we believed it for a long time. Our status relied on the other sex, thus our bodies had to be measured from men’s point of view. It's no surprise women always find “flaws” about themselves since we’ve always been criticized by the environment that surrounds us.
Four women with different body types

One question that pops up in my mind is: Why must we torture our bodies that heavily?

It's not easy to get rid of all negativity about our bodies because we always focus on what we're not happy with. However, aim to feel grateful for all the parts of yourself. Whenever I look into the mirror and see my legs, instead of saying: “Oh, my legs are terrible. They are too big”, I smile and say it out loud: “My legs are perfectly fine, I can jump, walk without being afraid of tumbling down like a tree”. Once you start looking for the good side of things, your feelings will change, and you can come to love that which you previously had negative comments for.

Last Messages...

Four women with different body types

I'm sure that your body wants to tell you 1000 times that it loves you so much. It loves you for all the effort you put into becoming a better version of yourself. It loves you for being a good companion.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so don't push yourself so hard to live up to others' standards because there is no standard for beauty! You're either as beautiful or as ugly as you believe you are. You define your Beauty. That's not a power anyone can have over you.

Because Authenticity is magnetic...